Dan Miller, CSM Fastener Products
January 29, 2021

David – we just got word that we have been approved for the IATF certification. On behalf of the CSM team, we wanted to thank you for all of your hard work!

Christopher Brink, Deublin Company
July 22, 2019

Just a quick update.  Things appear to be going well in our surveillance audit.  The auditor really liked the internal audits you did!  After this is over, I’ll be in touch with you to discuss the next round.

Nathan Yasumoto, Altak
July 22, 2019

We have finished the surveillance audit today.  Your internal audit report helped us a lot because you already wrote the nonconformances so the surveillance auditor did not need to state any additional NCs.  We got only one minor nonconformity.  Thank you for your help.

Dave Parker, Arrow Tool & Stamping
Milwaukee, WI
July 22, 2019

BCS McHenry did a great job getting us ready for the ISO audit.  Your common sense and down to earth approach made things go smoothly and I would highly recommend your services to any company.

Scott Nilges – Flux USA
November 23, 2015

Thanks so much for all your hard work.  Best money we've spent in a long time!

Alpha Swiss Industries, Inc.
November 23, 2015

Alpha Swiss Industries hired Mr. Marsh to facilitate the completion of its quality management system leading to ISO 9001 registration. He quickly defined the actions necessary to ensure a successful registration audit. He effectively organized staff, involving every employee in the outcome of the project and offered suggestions for better management of the business. Alpha Swiss Industries achieved ISO registration.

It is my pleasure to recommend the business consulting services of David Marsh. He was an essential part of our successful ISO registration audit, and we are a smarter company because of him.

Rick Siefken, Cobra Metal Works
November 23, 2015

We first met David Marsh when he was representing a new registrar for our ISO/TS 16949 certification. We had been forced to change registrars when the previous supplier was unable to schedule and fulfill our surveillance audit requirements, causing our certificate to be withdrawn; conditions at that time were very stressful.

When David came on board, he showed us that he was not only interested in pointing out our flaws for correction, but he was also persistent in lauding what he saw that was right in our operations as a road map for where we should be going. During that first three-year period that David worked with us, we reduced customer complaints from twenty-two to two.

After David's certification cycle was completed, we immediately sought to retain his services as our Consultant, and we have never looked back. David Marsh is a true professional, team player, and friend to our company.